International Programme

His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, Jigme Losel Wangpo, is the foremost authority on Dzogchen embodying four centuries of unbroken lineage.

Events 2023

With revered Tibetan lama, His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, Jigme Losel Wangpo

National Australian Retreat

Clear Mind Dzogchen Centre Australia

Drubpa Na Sel: Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th November

Retreat: Friday 10th Nov to Monday 20th November

The most important thing is to practice rather than learn. Knowing something is not going to change you; you need the skills, methods and magic to make change. Join us for a 10-day Dzogchen retreat this November where H.E. Dzogchen Rinpoche will explain the skills and methods that are required to make real change.

The retreat will be preceded by a Drubpa Na Sel to help prepare us for these teachings. The Drubpa Na Sel includes three days of intensive preliminary practice to remove the obstacles that often arise when we are given access to profound wisdom teachings. This purificatory practice creates the positive energy and favourable conditions for Rinpoche’s retreat teachings to flourish without obstacles.

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