Monastery Projects

Wherever there is a stupa or image of the Buddha, if you simply fold your hands in a gesture of respect, it is said you will achieve supreme buddhahood

His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche preserves the ancient Dzogchen lineage through the activity of Dzogchen Monastery, south India. International funding through the Monk Sponsorship Programme, established by His Eminence in 1985, continues to support the needs of the monks. Plans are also in place to extend the monk's accommodation and academic facilities in the Dratsang. The Dzogchen Monastery Gonpa is also being refurbished with three magnificent statues that will enhance the auspicious atmosphere within this sacred temple of Dzogchen prayer and practice.

Monk Sponsorship Programme

monk in front of temple

Dzogchen Monastery is home to over 200 monks, who have dedicated their lives to spiritual study and practice. As the head of the monastery, His Eminence Dzogchen Rinpoche is responsible for all their needs, including food, accommodation, clothing, education and health care.

Monk sponsorship helps sustain the unique spiritual heritage of Dzogchen Monastery and the Dzogchen lineage. In addition, it supports the charitable projects of His Eminence Dzogchen Rinpoche which bring benefit to the Tibetans living in exile within the Dhondenling settlement.

By sharing in the merit of sponsorship you are not only benefiting the monastic community but adding something special to your own life.

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Dzogchen Monastery Temple Project

Dratsang Building Project

monks outside Dratsang

In December 2005, over 40 new novice monks arrived at Dzogchen Monastery. Several monks have been sharing a room and some novice classes have been held outside, due to a shortage of space.

His Eminence Dzogchen Rinpoche plans to extend the Dratsang by building additional bedrooms and a new classroom. Fundraising for the new development is a priority so that essential improvements to the monks living and studying facilities can begin as soon as possible.

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